Samvardhan Trust

About Us

With this moto, we at Samvardhan have set up a humble initiative to come forward and boost the small albeit significant role of the indigenous arts and the fine arts in the Indian society. India, Bharatvarsha is a land of seers and sages and it is also the birthplace of multifarious beliefs and philosophies. Besides having the prestige of being the only oldest living civilization, this nation is incredible in its vibrant cultural heritage both tangible and intangible.
Our ancient scriptures, rituals, practices, traditions and various art forms lay emphasis on the notion of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, implyingthatthe whole planet is one family. According to a Sanskrit verse ‘sahitya sangeet kala vihina, sakshat pashu punchh vishan heena’, meaning a human being without possessing the knowledge of any form of art, literature and music is no better than an animal.We at Samvardhan believe that culture and tradition bind humanity which brings harmony, peace and pleasure. Intangible form of culture has its greatest significance in our day to day life which is apparently concerned with our environment.
Samvardhan is a trust of companionable persons who have come together to promote the cause of Indian art and heritage and folk culture through all possible means. As our vision and mission statement also implies we would try to support the various ethnic art forms with a view to their propagation and dissemination.The aim would be to bring these traditional skills and talents in tune with the present so as to save them from going into oblivion.The use of modern technology and innovative methods of conservation, preservation and propagation would be the hallmark of thiscreative enterprise. Wewould like to exhort all the likeminded members of society to join us in this venture through their help and support and come forward to bless this modest association.


The organisation seeks to promote, preserve and propagate the spirit of indigenous forms of art. While recording, documenting and archiving the various art forms and indigenous cultural forms it would seek to connect them with the modern trends. The vision is to help develop the rich heritage of our composite culture, to protect and improve the natural environment and to empower the human talent and workers involved in this pursuit. All this is to be done with the aim to promote women empowerment, child education,national integration, social harmony, universal brotherhoodand global peace.


The trust seeks to preserve, conserve and revive the artistic and folk heritage of our country which is the carrier of our culture and hence of life. This objective will be achieved by conducting educative and citizen awareness programmes, training and workshops in the field of culture, history and environment. This mode of work would involve the use of modern technology, financial aids, and commercial infrastructure.