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Folk Dance

India is the land of diverse cultures and varied traditions, Since the ancient times India was the place of various folk dances, through which people expressed their different emotions. It got transferred across generations through learning, and over time it had improved remarkably. Different state and region of the country has unique culture, habits, customs, religion,etc. and the same thing also goes with the folk dances. It varies from state to state. It proves to be a wonderful way of expression of their community and its traditions. It is also true that these folk dance are very beautiful, because of the essence of rawness in them.


The folk dances of any community are performed on almost every possible occasion and festival, to express joy and happiness, to celebrate thee arrival of seasons, birth of the child, a wedding and many more. The folk dances are extremely simple, and full of energy and vitality. Some folk dances are performed by and some by women, while some performances are done together.


Many folk dances are dedicated to the presiding deity of the specific community. However every folk dance has its own specific costume and jewelry which differs from dance to dance. But more then that these Indian folk dances has kept the ethnic groups and communities together for so long. It gives them a platform to come together and forget whatever small differences and altercation they might have. These dance form also gives a sense of identity to these communities and tribes which is another reason why they have these tradition.