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Fairs & Festivals

India is widely known as the land of celebration for its various fair and festivals, people celebrated festival with great zeal and sprit in each and every town in India. However the celebration of festivals in India continues throughout the year in India. There are cause and meaningful story behind each and every fair and festival, stories are based upon rituals, traditions legends , history while many others express devotion to deities of different religions. There are religious fair, long life marriage, cattle fairs, monsoon fairs, animal worship fairs, and of course so many others also.
In India major celebration include Holi, Id, Christmas , Diwali, Puskar Mela, Ganpati Pooja, Navaratri, Kumbha Mela, Pongal, Onam, Desert Festivals and many more. On the occasion of these fair and festivals, each of them reflects the life style of the people, most of the celebrations are based on decorating houses, wearing new clothes, jewellery, music singing , dancing and feasting.
In India fair and festivals have lots of diversity according to region, language, and religion, like Durga Pooja in Bengal, Ganpati Pooja in Maharastra, Pongal in Tamilnadu, Puskar Mela in Rajasthan, Onam In kerala, and the Diwali is the festival which is celebrated with the same zeal and sprit all over India.